The Constantine Codex Review

I have been reading a lot more lately and I actually got this for free from TYNDALE REWARDS for completing small surveys and such for the site to earn points. I had a lot of points saved up and decided to get a new book to read and this one looked particularly interesting from reading the preview. […]

Prison Break Is Coming Back! #FOX #2017

I didn’t start watching this show until recently on Netflix and I got so hooked I watched all 4 seasons in about 2 weeks! Yes, I admit, I binge watched lol. I was sad to see that it had ended and then I found out it was back in production to start up with Season […]

Would You Like to Help Me?

I’ve been struggling to come up with new content lately and would love some help from my readers. What would you like to see me post about to keep you coming back for more? I am slowly working on posting about things other than reviews which is why I started this blog. Reviews do get […]

Our First Day Homeschooling

Our first day with homeschooling was slow with just a little math placement testing and geography basics. Mikey was up about 7:30 and we didn’t get started until 10am. I had a rough night sleeping and only got about 2 hours of sleep so my head wasn’t totally in it. We managed to get through […]

#KindleFirst Releases For August 2016!

Choose one of the six Editor’s Picks today for FREE. Read now on any Kindle device or free Kindle reading app. Kindle First is a program that offers customers early access to new Kindle books across popular genres from Amazon Publishing. Prime members are automatically eligible for Kindle First. Every month Prime members can choose […]

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